Mission Statement

YourMomCares helps the most vulnerable children by raising awareness and funding for organizations focused on children’s mental wellness.


Who We Are

We are celebrity and influencer moms banding together with moms across America to focus on ensuring all children have access to the resources needed to be mentally well, including receiving diagnosis, treatment, services and activities which serve their needs.


What We Do

YourMomCares collaborates with carefully vetted partners to expand the field of mental wellness, creating and funding innovative programs and solutions which have a direct impact on children and adolescents, ages 5 to 24. In addition to these strategic partnerships, #ymc’s “Mobile Moms Fund” allows us to quickly go where the need is greatest (as moms always do!) to fund work being done to address a variety of pediatric emergencies.

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In 2014, #ymc Co-Founders and longtime friends Sharon Feldstein (Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein’s Mom) and Patsy Noah (Adam Levine’s Mom) were brought together by the White House along with other moms, including Terria Joseph (Alicia Keys’ mom) to do a PSA for the Affordable Care Act. Inspired by the amazing group of women and leaders involved and immediately recognizing the power in the “Your Mom Cares” concept, Sharon & Patsy received permission from the White House to take ownership of the brand and #ymc was born. A few years later, motivated by the many crises unfolding across the country and in the world, Sharon & Patsy knew it was time to take their passion for helping children to the next level. They went to Moms they’d met through the PSA and White House visit and others in their network, like Alicia Keys’ mom and Michael B. Jordan’s mom, and got to work finding a voice and defining a mission. “The message has been more popular than we could have dreamed in such a short amount of time” says Sharon. “We’ve been through a few causes, but now we’ve zeroed in on mental wellness.” Today, #ymc focuses on helping kids ages 5-26 achieve mental wellness through innovative, cutting edge technology created by the most brilliant psychiatric minds in the country. We look forward to real change.


Our First Partnership – Children’s Health Fund

YourMomCares’ first partnership took us to New York, where we joined forces with CHF and presented them with a $50,000 grant to support work in the field of children’s mental wellness. We are extremely proud that our partnership with CHF which will help bring state of the art healthcare to America’s most under supported kids.

#ymc Founders

Sharon Feldstein, co-founder
Patsy Noah, co-founder
Terria Joseph
Donna Jordan
Robin Paul
Rosanna Arquette
Marilu Henner
Janice Kramer
Stacy Claywell
Christi Lukasiak
Ellen Meyer
Lisa Oz
Behati Prinsloo-Levine
Paula Silver
Pauletta Washington


YourMomCares #ymc has donated to the following organizations:

Children’s Health Fund

Dr. Sophia Grant – The Center for Pediatric Resilience

The Harris Project



Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights Women’s Refugee Commission

University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital, Dr. Kenneth Nash

The Minority Humanitarian Foundation


Get Involved

The fastest way to join the #ymc movement is to donate now. Your gift to #ymc will be used to fund life-changing work for children in the field of mental wellness.
or to support by mail, sent checks to:
YourMomCares #ymc
269 S Beverly Drive, #338
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
If you are a mom or someone who loves kids “like a mom” contact us at moms@yourmomcares.org.
Come back soon for more on how we are mobilizing Moms across the country to act and help make mental wellness accessible to every child.

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