Changing the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness

A charity devoted to kids.

Our Mission

YourMomCares helps all children by raising awareness and funding for organizations focused on children’s mental wellness.


Who We Are

We are celebrity and influencer moms banding together with moms across America to focus on ensuring all children have access to the resources needed to be mentally well, including receiving diagnosis and treatment, and working with programs that provide services and activities which best serve their needs.

What We Do

YourMomCares collaborates with carefully vetted partners to expand the field of mental wellness, creating and funding innovative, cutting edge programs and finding solutions which have a direct impact on kids and adolescents, ages 5 to 26. In addition to these strategic partnerships, #ymc’s Mobile Moms Fund allows us to quickly go where the need is greatest (as moms always do!) to fund work being done to address a variety of pediatric emergencies.


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