What We Do

YourMomCares works to expand the field of mental health and change the dialogue from mental illness to mental wellness. We create and fund innovative programs and solutions which have a direct impact on children and adolescents. In addition to strategic partnerships, #ymc’s Mobile Moms Fund allows us to quickly go where the need is greatest (as moms always do!) to fund work being done to address a variety of pediatric emergencies.

Our Process

YourMomCares funds innovative and impactful solutions to the mental wellness challenges facing today's kids, which means working with best in class partners. #ymc vets prospective nonprofit partners through a process of research and relationship building, which ensures that your gift to #ymc is funding only the best, most trusted organizations.

At YourMomCares, we do the work for you. If you believe that no child should suffer alone or be unable to receive mental health services because of the family’s financial situation, race, gender or sexual orientation, then support YourMomCares today.

Since early 2018 YourMomCares and Children’s Health Fund (CHF) have been working together to raise awareness of the urgent need for health and mental health services for children. The first phase of our partnership was formalized with a #ymc grant to CHF’s NY Program, in support of mental health services for children and families living in homeless shelters. YourMomCares is excited to forge a long-term partnership with CHF and help expand its impact on mental wellness for children in 2019 and beyond, by launching the Kids Mental Wellness Matters Initiative.

Beginning in summer 2019 the Kids Mental Wellness Matters Initiative will deliver urgently needed services to at-risk kids and families in South LA. CHF’s LA Program, affiliated with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, has developed a mental health team with the experience needed to meet the complex challenges of kids growing up in South LA. The program provides psychosocial assessments and follow-up for patients and their families who are seen in the mobile clinics. Clinicians provide suicide risk assessments, referrals, and advocacy for children who live in challenging circumstances, including some who have special needs. YMC's funding will provide access to mental wellness services to over 3,800 children annually. Within the community the program also provides parenting classes and child therapeutic groups at local schools. 

In the future, #ymc and CHF will work to expand the Kids Mental Wellness Matters Initiative to cover every CHF program across the country, ensuring that physical health and mental wellness are accessible to all children, no matter their circumstances.

UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital and UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh are improving the approach to behavioral health for children and adolescents by utilizing a digital platform to help patients. Through this new solution, a mobile application ("app") will keep kids healthy by incorporating both digital behavioral health therapy and human interaction via trained mental wellness coaches who are connected to the Pittsburgh medical care network. The app is structured like an interactive game for the children, but use is directly monitored by medical professionals.

In 2019, #ymc established the YourMomCares Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation and made a $500,000 commitment to pilot this ground-breaking new approach with 500 patients. This cutting edge Digital Platform uses UPMC's trained mental wellness coaches, not A.I. or a robot. What makes UPMC's project groundbreaking in the field, and unlike any other “app” in the country is the integration of findings into each patient's primary care system records for use by pediatricians and all others involved in the child's health care. Early intervention has the potential to diagnose an anxiety disorder for many of these kids. And for those that it does not, it becomes a critical part of their ongoing treatment and care.

Once UPMC has the results from the pilot program, it will set the stage for their ability to make this a billable service through insurance companies, which will increase access to behavioral health services in a cost-effective way for millions of children across the country.


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Mobile Moms Fund

#ymc’s Mobile Moms Fund allows us to quickly go where the need is greatest (as moms always do!) to fund work being done by reputable nonprofit organizations to address a variety of pediatric mental wellness emergencies.

Through our Mobile Moms Fund #ymc has donated to the following organizations:

The Center for Pediatric Resilience - The Harris Project - RAICES Women’s Refugee Commission - Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights Flint Child Health and Development Fund - SNACK - Operation Gratitude The Trevor Project - Moms Demand Action